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Two new runes today:

One shop on Stokes Croft


Tonights' rune run... an extended explanation (Lettrism ahoy!)
And here's the psychogeographical part of the adventure. I think this is what I'll do - the occult part will be on the community I've created, and the psychogeography and other wibble will be on my "personal" blog.

Did my first post on the bristolrune  community. In case you haven't joined, it involves this image, which I took tonight:

It's in East Street, Bedminster - on the corner of an alley down the side of the Argos. Spent a good while randomly cycling around before I found it, and you know, it's interesting - unlike some other places, the more central and public you get in Bedminster, the more dangerous it becomes.

LJ-cut for length. Read on...Collapse )

Just started. Hope to add a community soon.
I'm building a log of the wierd, occult and occult-style graffiti present in Bristol at the moment. Mainly this one:

Introducing... the sinister (and occult) Bristol Rune!
But there will be other guests.  Face it, it's just some fucking tag, the fact that it happens to have clearly identifiable Ger and Sig Runes are just coincidences... or something.

I plan to start a community to track this main sigil / mandala / whateverthefuckitscalled before I go to bed. I'll use it and this blog to keep a diary of how bizzare it feels to be running around after something that probably doesn't exist. Other interested parties can join in if they like (hence the com). 

Still, at least there's liable to be someone in this city who'se even more obsessed with it than me... and that's the Rune Writer(s) themselves. Whoever or whatever they are.

Oh, I nearly forgot: Here's my Google Map, updated on an almost daily basis, of the Runes found so far (with photo footage):,-2.586937&spn=0.033747,0.103254&z=14

I thought I'd include that in case anyone thought this was some kind of prank. It's not. There are dozens of these bloody things all over town. I have not put them there, and I can prove it - they're in lots of different "handwritings" and some of them have been around for a while, long enough that they're partly overwritten by newer stuff, like the one on my userpic.  It's for real all right... whatever "real" is. Maybe I'm making a big deal out of nothing. But then the possible interpretations of the sigil... hmmm. More on that later.


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